Content Policy

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In addition to the policies laid out by the host of this wiki, the following restrictions also apply:

Articles here should concern project related to the wiki's purpose.[edit]

The main idea behind this wiki is to organize projects which can be used to fill the prerequisites of otherwise prepare for other projects. The exact bounds of what is related enough isn't entirely certain this early in the wiki's development, However, examples of article subjects which clearly fill that purpose include:

  • tools or common materials like rope and electrical components
  • end products that act as examples of basic methods which can be adapted to a wide degree of improvisation
  • methods of repair, maintenance, and operation for the above subjects

Other project types may or may not fit here, depending on how their inclusion would affect the project's overall organizational structure. If they don't, time should be given for copying the material to somewhere more appropriate before removing it from this wiki.

Projects should be geared toward those acting alone or in small groups, and divided into steps when needed.[edit]

While their are certainly many processes that benefit from scaling up, instructions referenced here should ideally be usable by people with minimal assistance, even if doing so would primarily serve as a means of attracting potential team members with tangible early results, or even simply as an entertaining use of time. When possible, complex goals should be presented as the final assembly of a set of modules which themselves constitute their own project, inviting readers to decide for themselves how far they want to drill down towards starting with basic elements.

Economic valuation of time should not be a factor in article creation or content.[edit]

That is, the value judgement of whether a project is worth the reader's time, as opposed to spending money that they spent time earning in potentially less time on an equivalent commercial project, should be left as an exercise to the reader.