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The following is meant to be a terse summary of the items on this wiki and their relation to each other.

Tech Tree Table
Tech Links Prerequisites Usable in
Graphics Card Ben Eater (Youtube 1, 2) TTL elements, power supply display system
hydrophone COSEE TEK[1],Loughborough University[2]),action_owl [3][4] microphone element, housing sealant, fastener, cord, connector recording systems
paperclip circuit Matt E. Jenkins (Instructables, Youtube) paperclips, metal brads/brass fasteners/split pins, cardboard, electronic components low voltage circuitry, control systems, prototyping
Corona Oscilator/Triode Spark Bang Buzz (article) wire, metal thumb tack, resistor high voltage circuitry
vacuum tubes F2FO (article(French)) glass blowing, metalworking,inert gas high voltage circuitry
rope making machine King of Random (Youtube 1,2,3) rope material (yarn or string), hooks/pins, pulleys, boards rope
French bobbin Atomic Shrimp (article) wood, woodworking tools (drilling, cutting, sharpening) knitting
coconut yarn/string/rope King of Random (Youtube) coconuts, other fibre sources may be useable rope, knitting
plastic yarn/string Atomic Shrimp (article),King of Random (Youtube) plastic bottles or bags, cutting tools rope, knitting
stone Axe, plus hammer and chisel Primitive Technology (Wordpress,Youtube) stones, water, wood, fire chopping, carving
straightedge Woodsmith (PDF download) woodworking tools (planing) woodworking, alignment
  1. COSEE TEK: Underwater Acoustics
  2. Hyrdophone Kit at Loughborough University sonar (web archive, preamp instructions missing
  3. Underwater Microphone (Hydrophone) action_owl on Instructables
  4. Hydrophone Juan Aguilar on Hackaday